How to Create Fake Number WhatsApp Chat, Text, Messages

How to Create Fake Number WhatsApp Chat, Text, Messages Many people are using this application with more than 10 million downloads on Play Store.

This app is listed on Play Store with a rating of 4.1 if you are looking for an application that you want to create a fake chat with anyone in which you can see all the messages, photos, video calls, and audio calls. Whatever you can do in WhatsApp, you can also do it in this app.

If you are looking for a number here is an application that has the same interface as WhatsApp, then you have come to the right place, we have found a similar application for you.

How to Create Fake Number WhatsApp Chat, Text, Messages

All the features are seen like WhatsApp, with the same interface, and you can also update everything, edit everything, edit your profile, and even edit the profile of the person you want to chat with. can.

WhatsApp Fake Number Chat

If you want to prank your friend, then you can do it with this fake WhatsApp Mack, you get to see many features in it, and you can edit your profile completely and prank your friend. So, you can make his profile completely the same.

It has a free feature that means you can also put a blue tick on your profile, which was not an option in WhatsApp before. This is a prank app. Therefore, you get many such features in it, even you can change the name of WhatsApp.


  • Create Profile Of Any Person
  • Edit Profile
  • Fake Conservation With Anyone
  • BlueTick Ant Profile
  • Send and Receive Chat Photos To Any Person
  • Audio & Video Call Feature

How To Use Fake Number WhatsApp App

Instead of this application being downloaded a lot, the features it provides are liked by people and it is available on the Play Store with a good rating if you are using an Android phone.

So you have to download it from the Play Store click on the link we have given you below then you will download this application after that you have to install it on your phone.

You have to set your settings, that is, if you want to create a profile or chat with anyone, you can edit it completely, you can send video photos to anyone, and even send and receive calls. There are also options.

In this application you can create any fake number of yours which you can edit here to show others that your WhatsApp phone number is a prank patch that has everything You can use it to prank someone and hide your real WhatsApp If you live in India and want someone to check your WhatsApp history there then you must use this app.

Bottom Line

You can make audio or radio calls to anyone and use this app to prank anyone. It has many features that are not available in real WhatsApp.

You can edit from a verified check it is an amazing app to friend someone and this app is used by more than 10 million people which means it has so many downloads on the Play Store and with good rating. With a rating of 4.1, we have provided a link to this app below, if you are interested in this app, you can download it and use it.

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