Apple Extends Satellite Feature For iPhone 14

The satellite emergency call option has been extended for two more years to iPhone 14 users. iPhone 14 users could use this service for two years after its launch. But now they have been given two more years. This means that the service of iPhone 15 which will start now will end after two years. So both the expiry times will be the same for iPhone 14 and iPhone 15.

Apple Extends Satellite Feature For iPhone 14

iPhone released this service on its very big launch which was satellite notification. If you get stuck in an emergency, you get the option to update the location in the text message Point My App. Which used to be an option in very expensive satellite phones. Now you were served in your everyday phone which is the most used Apple in America.

Apple showed great heart and released this service for two years, but now its time has been extended for two more years. But for those who have bought the iPhone 15, it will be only up to two years. Apple is doing this because it wants to take more time to set the price of this service that people like.

Maybe many employees of Apple also intend to keep this service free. So a value can be given to the iPhone user because no such brand is doing this in America or in the world. If the iPhone continues this service for free, it can further increase the value of the iPhone. Maybe in the future, some other brand will start giving J service for free if the iPhone keeps its price.

iPhone 15 may be for those who like iPhone 14 and later extended by two more years to keep both equal. Or Apple may intend to give this service for free, which will be very happy for Apple users. Because this feature is liked by many people. Many people in America go to such places for vacations. Where mobile signals are very low, if someone gets lost there, this service is like a lifesaver for them. This takes both this product and the service of Apple to a very high level.

Apart from this, this service issues a notification. If there is no signal in your phone, you can set it in this application. If your car breaks down somewhere, you can use your mobile service on the side of the road. Most of the people in America prefer to have an iPhone if we talk about the other competitor Samsung. Because it has many up-to-date features found in the camera and along with the hardware as well as now there has been a big change in the software. The satellite call feature is a very amazing feature that Apple released last year.

The satellite calling feature can be used in emergencies when your Wi-Fi and mobile connection is down. So you can use this feature anywhere. Many people in America also use this feature for messaging.

Because this feature is being given free right now, many people like it, if it is priced, many people may not activate it. From which this service can be made better. Because fewer people will use it, its quality can be increased. You may be considering this. You will know this only after two years. How much does it cost or even before Apple can announce its price for this service?

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