Touch Lock Screen App For Android & iPhone

Touch lock photo app which is the most amazing and undetectable screen lock in which if you tell someone that your phone is locked then touch a specific point and then your phone will be locked. It will be locked.

Touch Lock Screen App For Android & iPhone

If you are looking for a unique people app that is new and undetectable then this app is used for an amazing level of phone lock security which gives you a touch lock facility Only you will know where you will be unlocked by touching and you can also put your PIN code or Facebook after which you will have to open the secondary lock as well.

Phone Lock App

From the point of view of security, this is not such a special app log, because the phone will be opened on touching somewhere, but if you use the phone with your children, i.e. at home, and your children see your password, then You can use this lock in addition to this we have made videos on many phone people out of which Time Block is a very high-quality app which we will give you the link below.

There are an amazing number of phone lock apps on Play Store, one of them is this one, it has the facility to unlock the phone by touching it.

which no one has any doubts about which password you have set, which will be the time in the phone, that will be your password and you can also set up your secondary passport, which can be locked by fingerprint on Face Lok, and in addition to this, PIN. B can adjust

How To Use This Touch Lock App

In this you can use any photo that can be your photo, someone will think that you have put this profile photo which is on the home screen of the phone, but as soon as he clicks on it, the phone will lock. But you will know that you have set it at a certain point and if you touch it twice then your phone will be unlocked.

The double-click feature in it is known to anyone, that’s why your phone is unlocked by double-clicking on a particular point, so if you use the phone at home, you can use this lock.

You can keep the phone unlocked from your children, they will not know which lock you have installed.


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