Apps ReviewsQR Bar Code Scanner For Wifi Easy To Use

QR Bar Code Scanner For Wifi Easy To Use

If you are using Wi-Fi in one of your mobiles and want to do it in another. But don’t know your password. So this is a very good application. This app has been downloaded more than 10 million times from play store and comes with good rating.

It is very easy to use. If you are using Wi-Fi in your phone or your friend’s phone. But he can’t tell you the password, he doesn’t know. If you are sitting at the cafe, you can also run the local wifi on your phone.

QR Bar Code Scanner For Wifi

It gives you all the features by following a simple procedure. Even a common man can use this application. With so much difficulty you don’t get Wi-Fi connectivity features. All you have to do is scan and get connected to local Wi-Fi immediately.

Features Of QR Scan Wifi App

There are many people who only use the election. Which shows that people get to see this problem. That they forget their password. Or say they don’t want to. Therefore, they resort to this application to run Wi-Fi internet on other phones, which is really beneficial.

If you also want such an application, you must check it out, the features it has can really benefit you. You have to scan the password from your phone and the internet will start running.


Even if you have forgotten your Wi-Fi password, this application will help you. It can see what the password was. You can write it down later so that they remember you or see you using the same one again.

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Other Features

  • Scan Wifi
  • Local Wifi Use
  • Save Password in Phone
  • Easy to Share

Disclaimer: All The Information is just for Education Purposes. It may be Vary.



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