List Of Best Free Recharge Apps – Free Recharge 2024

List Of Best Free Recharge Apps. If you are also looking for such an application. Through which you can recharge for free, they are also included, so some such applications can be seen on the Play Store. Which we have found for you. So if you want to recharge your phone for free. You can try these apps even if you are using a SIM of any brand.

List Of Best Free Recharge Apps

Many users around the world use phones and their recharge ends. After which they cannot make calls and cannot use the internet. These apps provide recharge packages for free internet usage and calls. Games that work on a specific process where you have to complete certain tasks.

We are going to provide you with a list of such applications that provide free recharge. Which can be downloaded officially from the Play Store for Android phones. After doing research we have listed below the names of these applications which can be checked up.

How Free Recharge Apps Work?

A lot of apps are available on Play Store which keep getting new. Those who have recharge steps will give you recharge for free. By playing some games or completing some other tasks, you get free recharge in these apps.

Apart from this, many codes are also revealed by companies. Through which you can get recharge of any company for free. Which is the code issued by that particular company. So we have also listed some secret codes for you which you can dial up and recharge for free.

Free Recharge Codes

Many brands in India provide free recharge. So we have listed below for you the most famous free recharge codes. If these codes of yours do not provide recharge, then these apps can be tried up.

  • 121249 (Vi Users)
  • *199*99# (Vi Users)
  • Airtel Unlimited 5G ( Go “Airtel Thanks App” and Claim 5G Unlimited Plan)
  • Unlimited Jio 5G Data ( Jio App)

Free Calling App Unlimited Call on All Network

List Of Free Recharge Apps

  • Daily Hunt App
  • Jio App
  • Aadhan App
  • FreeCharge
  • Easy Payment
  • Easy Pe Wall
  • PhonePe
  • MaxPe
  • Earn Talkie App
  • Refast
  • Pocket Money
  • Jazz Smart / Jazz World (Global User)

Daily Hunt App

Through this app, you get a free credit of 300 rupees only on signing up and you also have to complete some tasks. From which you can earn up-referral and also get daily recharge for free. Many people are using this app by downloading it from the Play Store. So if you are looking for free recharge then you can check this app.

Jio App

There are many users of this company who use Jio SIM. If you are using a Jio SIM, you can get credit for free, with which you can also recharge your phone for free. Initially, if you are a new user, you will sign up for this app, and then you will get a reward for signing up. From this, you will be able to recharge for free. Apart from this, you can also recharge the numbers of other mobile companies using this app.

Free Internet VPN App



Similarly, you get many other apps through which you can get free recharge and use free internet and call service on your phone. If you are from any country, you can use these apps, these apps work especially in India. Through this, you can recharge in Up Free and use packages like 5G Internet for free. If you have a 5G phone, many companies give you 5G data for free when you sign up.

So you can use these companies on your phone according to your SIM. For example, if you use Airtel Jio and VK SIMs, you can install their official apps on your phone and recharge for free. Which will provide you with internet with good speed.

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