AventonAventon LEVEL.2 Commuter Ebike - All Specs Review

Aventon LEVEL.2 Commuter Ebike – All Specs Review

Aventon LEVEL.2 Commuter is a model offered by the brand AVENTURE. It is designed for city and urban riding, and is specifically built for commuters who want to make their daily ride to work or school more efficient and comfortable.

USD $1799

Aventon LEVEL.2 Commuter ebike

Aventon LEVEL.2 Commuter Ebike Specs

Release 2022
Type 6061 Double-Butted Aluminum Alloy with Internal Battery
Bike Frame Not Foldable
Type LCD Smart Easy Read Display with Backlight, Colorful screen with app
Features Monitoring your Speed, Range, Distance traveled, pedal assist Level or More
Display LCD Easy Read Color Display
Type Brushless Rear Hub Motor
Power 750W (Peak) 500W (Sustained)
Technology Brushless
Top speed Up to 28 MPH (45km)
RANGE Up To 60 Miles (96 km)
Throttle 20 MPH (32 km)
Shifter Lever 8 Speed Trigger
Capacity Removable Internal Lithium-ion 48V, 14Ah (672Wh)
THROTTLE Throttle on demand – Throttle from a complete stop
Charger 48V 3 Amp Fast Charger, 4-5 Hour Charging
Mileage Up To 60 Miles (96.5 km) Per Charge
pedal-assist 5 Levels
Bike Weight
Total 54lbs/ 24 Kg
Payload Maximum Payload Capacity: 300 lbs/ 136 Kg
Electric Bike Size
Size 2 sizes Regular: Regular 5’3″ – 5’10″ Large 5’10″ – 6’4″
Seat Height 1015mm (39.9 Inh)/ 1080mm (42 Inh)
Type Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Back Disc
Front Yes, Same
Front NO
Back Yes Available, four integrated lights
In Display Yes
Available Yes
HEADSET Sealed Bearing Headset
GRIPS Ergonomic Comfort
Colors Clay, Glacier


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Aventon LEVEL.2 Commuter ebike Expert Reviews

1st Review:

LEVEL.2 Commuter Ebike 2nd Review:

Commuter e-bikes like the LEVEL.2 typically have features that make them well-suited for city riding, such as a lightweight frame, a comfortable and upright riding position, and puncture-resistant tires. They may also have additional features such as a built-in lights, a rear rack for carrying cargo, and a locking mechanism for added security.

As far as the motor, the LEVEL.2 likely has a relatively powerful motor and a large battery capacity to help riders tackle hills and headwinds with ease. The bike probably also has a pedal-assist system, which provides power to the rider based on how hard they are pedaling. This allows for a more natural riding experience and helps to conserve battery life.
It’s possible that the LEVEL.2 also has a display that shows the rider the battery level, speed, and trip distance. It may also have multiple levels of pedal assist, so that the rider can choose the level of power assistance that is most comfortable for them.

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