Tesla Electric Cars are Highly in Demand and Company is On Top in United State.

Some Experts Say That Tesla market Value Will Touch $2 Trillion Till 2025.

Even Due To Shortage Of Parts Some Electric Vehicle Manufacturer was Face Low Productions.

In Q2 Tesla says That Their Revenue Increased 16.9 Billion Dollars.

US Is Move To Electric Vehicles And People Also Want EVs, Tesla Growth Increased.

S&P High Analyzers Report That Tesla Will Generate $164 Billion From Total Sale By 2025.

Tesla Is Create Ecosystem You Can See Charging Station In US Other EVs Companies Also Use Tesla Charger.

Tesla Use Own OS System Is Cars And Future Plans Are Big. Tesla Can Reach $2 Trillion.

New Projects Are Also Futuristic, Robotics Cars, Strong Cybertruck And More. Which Will Increase Revenue.