Tesla Provide Premium Features Cars and Specially it's Charging Ecosystem is Most Popular in USA.

Now Elon Musk Company Tesla Decided. They will Stop New orders of Popular Model 3 Long Range electric Car.

The demand of Model 3 Long Range Model is High in United State. Which is a affordable Electric Car.

Tesla want that their customers not wait a long. Which is not good for people and Company.

Due to high gas prices and Govt policies many people want to shift on electric vehicles.

And Tesla Model 3 Long Range's Orders are so many. Because mostly This Model is popular in USA and Canada.

Tesla several Models will be sold out untill 2023 in US. That's is Reason Tesla old cars prices also increased.

Elon Musk already says in may they maybe Stop take orders of several Models.

Model 3 Long Range Model not can select for orders on official website. You can check Used Tesla Cars if only want Tesla.